Gaurav Marwaha is an Indian voice actor. He speaks English and Hindi as his mother tongue languages.

Dubbing CareerEdit

Gaurav is known for having deep warm voices. He can perform for young adult males as well as middle aged and senior. He also does non-union jobs.

Dubbing RolesEdit

Television animationEdit

Program title Original voice Character Dub Language Original Language Number of Episodes Original airdate Dubbed airdate Notes
Fantastic Four (1994 TV series) Edward Albert Silver Surfer Hindi English 26 September 24, 1994 – February 24, 1996
Spider-Man (1994 TV series) Edward Albert Daredevil Hindi English 65 November 19, 1994 – January 31, 1998


Program title Original Japanese voice Character Dub Language Episodes Original airdate Dubbed airdate Notes
Crayon Shin-chan Keiji Fujiwara
Rokurō Naya
Tesshō Genda
Hiroshi Nohara
Bunta Takakura
Action Kamen
Hindi 800+ 4/13/1992-Current 6/19/2006-Current
Doraemon (2005 TV series) Unknown Various other characters Hindi 709 4/15/2005-Ongoing
Kochikame Mitsuru Miyamoto Keiichi Nakagawa Hindi 373 6/16/1996-