The Wild
Hindi title जंगल मस्ती
Original title The Wild
Hindi Dub Information
Dubbing Studio 1 Main Frame Software Communications along with Disney Character Voices International Inc.
Dubbing Studio 2
Dubbing Studio 3
Dubbing Studio 4
Dubbing Studio 5
Dubbing Studio 6
Dubbing Studio 7
Dubbing Studio 8
Dubbing Director 1 Eliza Lewis
Sanjeet Das
Dubbing Director 2
Dubbing Director 3
Dubbing Director 4
Dubbing Director 5
Dubbing Director 6
Dubbing Director 7
Dubbing Director 8
Languages dubbed 1 Hindi
Languages dubbed 2
Languages dubbed 3
Languages dubbed 4
Languages dubbed 5
Languages dubbed 6
Languages dubbed 7
Languages dubbed 8
Translator 1 Kiran Kotrial
Marianne D'Cruz
Asif Ali Beg
Translator 2
Translator 3
Translator 4
Translator 5
Translator 6
Translator 7
Translator 8
Adjustment 1
Adjustment 2
Adjustment 3
Adjustment 4
Adjustment 5
Adjustment 6
Adjustment 7
Adjustment 8
Distributor 1 Walt Disney Pictures
(North America)
Distributor 2
Distributor 3
Distributor 4
Distributor 5
Distributor 6
Distributor 7
Distributor 8
Mixer 1 Anand Pawar
Mixer 2
Mixer 3
Mixer 4
Mixer 5
Mixer 6
Mixer 7
Mixer 8
Sound Engineer 1
Sound Engineer 2
Sound Engineer 3
Sound Engineer 4
Sound Engineer 5
Sound Engineer 6
Sound Engineer 7
Sound Engineer 8
Production Supervisor 1 Reshma Shikarwar
Arpita Mittal
Production Supervisor 2
Production Supervisor 3
Production Supervisor 4
Production Supervisor 5
Production Supervisor 6
Production Supervisor 7
Production Supervisor 8
Media 1


Media 2
Media 3
Media 4
Media 5
Media 6
Media 7
Media 8
Original Release

April 14, 2006
(North America)

Dubbed Release 1


Dubbed Release 2
Dubbed Release 3
Dubbed Release 4
Dubbed Release 5
Dubbed Release 6
Dubbed Release 7
Dubbed Release 8
Country of Origin

United States



The Wild is a 2006 Canadian-American computer animated adventure comedy film directed by animator Steve "Spaz" Williams, written by Ed Decter, John J. Strauss, Mark Gibson and Philip Halprin.

Main Frame Software Communications along with Disney Character Voices International Inc. have worked together on producing the Hindi dub and it was released in India around the same year that it was originally released in North America.

Changes from the Original English VersionEdit

  • The Hindi dub had featured many changes from the original English release. Firstly, the title alone was changed to: "Jungle Matsi" (जंगल मस्ती) meaning "Jungle Fun" in Hindi.
  • A lot of characters got their names completely changed in order for the Hindi dubbed version of the film to be more suitable and appropriate for Indian audiences. There were a few characters that actually have kept their original names for the Hindi dub.


Character Original name Original voice actor Hindi Dubbing actor
(Mentioned on the DVD release)
Samsher (समशेर) Samson Kiefer Sutherland Samay Raj Thakkar
Young Samsher (युवा समशेर) Young Samson Dominic Scott Kay Malak Shah
Aryan (आर्यन) Ryan Greg Cipes Yash Narvekar
Benny James Belushi
Laila (लैला) Bridget Janeane Garofalo Anahita Uberoi
Nigel Eddie Izzard
Hamir Christian Argueta
David Cowgill
Prithvi Sankala
Penguin MC Don Cherry Rajeev Raj
Fergus Flamingo Colin Hay Aditya Raaj
Mama Hippo Clinton Leupp Jyoti Tomar
Samsher's Father Samson's Father Kevin Michael Richardson Rajesh Jolly
Dung Beetle #1 Nika Futterman Arvinder Kaur
Dung Beetle #2 Julianne Buescher Prachi Chaubey